At a time when so many international decisions are being made based on science, it is becoming increasingly important to inform the public about the issues at stake.

Based on RASIT’s Executive Director, HRH Princess Nisreen El-Hashemite, collective data on science, education, research and public knowledge in the MENA Region;
The Science Café was signed into being in 2006 as an major international Program of RASIT for the Popularization of Science and Innovation.  

The Science Café program seeks to deepen the approach of science and innovation to society in order to contribute to the social appropriation of knowledge and to form
a responsible citizenship.

Vision and Mission

The achievement of RASIT Development Goals (RDGs) particularly RDG 4 “Popularization of Science and Innovation for Sustainable Development” in the years 2016 and
beyond, through:
  • raising awareness of the importance of science and research and its results for the development of society,
  • promoting scientific culture,
  • excite widespread interest in science, raising awareness of how society can play a vital role in helping it to progress.
  • stimulating science and technology vocations among young people,
  • promoting a culture of innovation in small and medium enterprises,
  • contributing to communication within the scientific community,
  • increase access to the best Science knowledge and Communication, and
  • invigorate Science Education and Knowledge

For its implementation, the Science Café Program acts directly, through the performance of own actions, and indirectly, through the promotion of actions developed by
other social actors.

Added Value

To be an influential platform bringing together and enhancing the interaction of scientists and scientific institutions with the public on improving the understanding of
science, working across science education, to empower scientists to catalyze the innovation and creativity we need for sustainable development.  In essence, the
Science Café Program enables scientific communities to share with the public information, strategies, align objectives and resources, and agree on the role of public in
the progress of science, research and innovation.


RASIT’s Executive Board governs the Science Café Program.  

The Science Café Program is administered by RASIT Science and Education Committees, and undertakes the day-to-day administration of The Partnership's work plan.
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