Is Popularization of Science Possible in Arab States?
Popularization of science is an endeavor to image scientific concepts in such a way that every person (especially non-scientists) can
understand the fundamental objectives and have an idea of what science in essence is.
Although many Arab scientists are renowned and their fingerprints are so clear in scientific research that led industrial development
worldwide, unfortunately a great number of the public in Arab States cannot tell exactly what 'science' is all about.  In fact, the gap
between scientists and the Arab Societies seems to be huge.

Science Knowledge & Culture to Arab Nationals and every common person in the Arab Countries were and remain to be narrowed to
those only studying at universities and to graduates from academic institutions.

Further, the academic tutors in scientific subjects kept their communication with a very minimal slice of the Arab communities within
campuses of Arab universities. And the share of scientific knowledge between the academic tutors and every person within the Arab
Nations outside the academic campuses remains to be almost nil.

The questions RASIT paced with are as follows:
Is it possible to popularize scientific subjects among the Arab Nations at various levels? And if it is possible to popularize science within
Arab States, to what extent will the Arab peoples accept knowledge of Science? And how will the knowledge of science play a role in the
Arab human persons day to day livings and culture?

To answer these questions knowingly the poor knowledge of the majority of Arab peoples in science due to the lack of interest in
reading scientific publications and books; and due to the ignorance of non-Arabic languages (such as English, French languages) that
most of the scientific publications, journals, and books written with; and due to the lack of community educational programs.
Therefore, RASIT introduced “Science Café” in order to interactive the relationship between academic tutors and public within Arab States.  
“Science Café” was and remains the answer to all questions.

Yes, it is possible to popularize science to a great extent, by means of raising awareness of how it touches our everyday life.  How.., this depends on choosing subjects, fields of
public interest, speaker, presenter, place, and the form of delivering it, and the forum of delivering the seminar/talk in Arabic language by way of defining the scientific terms too.  
Through “Science Café’, RASIT managed to break the academic campuses boundaries that encouraged the public interest in learning more about science.

Yes, it is possible to popularize all specific scientific ideas and concepts from mathematics, chemistry, biology, medicine to geology and nanotechnology, as long as it can be
effectively explained one at a time in a very simple language that every person can understand.

It is important that the public should have a basic general understanding of science and appreciation to its impact in their lives. Only “Science Café” can popularize science in Arab
States.   And “Science Café” has proven to be platform for scientists to share their knowledge with the public as social educational forum.

The key to Popularize Science in Arab States should be through the spreading of “Science Café” programs via local social clubs.

RASIT has designed a special module for such local clubs that will encourage professionals in science to interact with members of the public who shall attend the local social
club titled “Science Café”.

Five years for the Science Café program, we serve our audience and scientists within Middle East & North Africa Region in an excellent way.  We are grateful to every scientist
(Popularizer) who took efforts to present science objectively to the public via “Science Café”.

                                                                                                                                                                 HRH Princess Nisreen El-Hashemite
                                                                                                                                                                                        BSc MSc MD PhD
                                                                                                                                                                                       Executive Director
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