Strategy and Work Plan 2015 - 2020

Per the recommendation of the Science and Education Committees, RASIT Executive Board approved the Science Café Program Strategy and Work Plan for the
years 2015-2020.  

The work plan has been developed in the context of the Science Café Program Vision and Mission. It also builds on the developments that have taken place in MENA
Region efforts to improve popularization of science and innovation, as well as lessons learned from the implementation of the Science Café in Lebanon for 5 years.

The work plan structure was developed to form the basis of a results framework that will underpin and guide the Science Café work between 2015 and 2020.

Building on the Science Café Program achievements in Lebanon, the 2015-2020 work plan is structured around four outcomes, one special project and one cross
cutting activity, which will enable the Science Café Program to make significant contribution to achieving its Vision and Mission, as set out below:

Outcome 1: Achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and RASIT Development Goals (RDGs) 4 “Popularization of Science and Innovation
for Sustainable Development”

Outcome 2: Expand activities and events at international, regional and national levels to reach out more societies.

Outcome 3: Develop partnership with civil society, science related institutions and private sector for popularization of science and innovation.

Outcome 4: Parity in Science: education, employment, research funding and involvement in decision-making.

Special Project: Science Technology and Innovation in Sustainable Development Goals.

Cross-cutting Projects: Word Women’s Health and Development Institute.
                               Women in Science International League
                               RASIT-EkoRE Agora

The implementation of the Work plan will be coordinated and facilitated by Coordinators supported by the Science and Education Committees.

The Coordinators are appointed based on criteria agreed by the RASIT Executive Board, such as technical expertise, strength of networks and ability to dedicate time
towards these tasks.
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